The World Around Me


My Background


Being an avid art lover and creator, I began my interest in photography during my middle school years, using nothing more than disposable point-and-shoots that I picked up at the local drug store.  I was eventually able to purchase a manual digital camera by Canon and began the adventure of teaching myself camera settings, lighting, and digital processing.  Over the last decade I've worked with and for multiple photography groups with subjects ranging from portraits to events, products, landscapes, and macros.

A Big World


I photograph the world around me.  Though I am always looking for that special moment or situation, with a world this large and varied, finding something wonderful to photograph is almost too easy.  Through my images I am able to communicate to others the wonder that I see in every day life.  It's a way for me to remember the past, engage in a moment, and hopefully bring inspiration to the future. 

Stories to Share


When it comes down to it, a photograph is glimpse of a person or subject during a fleeting moment in time, one that can only be shared again, through personal memories or, in photography's case, the created image.  It is a physical way to share your life and the stories within it. 

 I believe that photography helps people to connect, interact, and open up to one another in a meaningful way... and with  this in mind...  I invite you to share your story with me.